People often ask “How much does window tinting cost?” or What is the price of window tinting?

Window tinting film is sold by area (square feet or square meters). Glass tinting films vary in price based on the materials and the technology that has gone into the manufacture of the film. The older style reflective films block the most and are the lowest cost but many people don’t like the mirrored appearance, while the highest cost films block the heat and protect against sun damage and fading and are almost impossible to see. These high tech clear (untinted) films and are often used in buildings controlled by a body corporate that don’t allow the external appearance of a building to change or where the owner wants to preserve a beautiful view, particularly at night. Between these two extremes are the most popular films that just make the glass appear dark externally which most people choose for their home windows.

The film installation cost is also charged by the area of film to be installed. The installation cost may include a call-out fee on smaller jobs to cover travel time to the job, a charge to remove old window tinting film, an additional charge for small fiddly panes like those in a french door, and for timber frames or the removal of aluminium strips (colonial bars) stuck to the glass.

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